A wise investment always results in a better future.

We buy and sell shares on the instruction of our clients on the floor of the Nigerian Stock exchange. Our guiding principle here is to buy low and sell higher. The Nigerian Stock/Capital market has developed to the level where purchases and sales can be made within a week. This has increased the liquidity and transparency of the market in addition to making the stockbrokers more accountable.

We carry out the Purchase and Sales of Shares on behalf of our clients for:

  • Unquoted Company shares

  • Quoted Company stocks and shares

  • Federal, State and Local Government stocks, bonds and Treasury bills.

All these we carry out with an utmost sense of efficiency and professionalism. The cost of carrying out the above for clients are statutorily determined. We also serve as government stockbrokers by assisting desirous members of the public and institutional investors to purchase gilt-edged securities – Treasury Bills.