NFSL Consulting

Business start-up and management has been fully simplified by our wealth of experience in consulting for prospective entrepreneurs.

It is not enough to have money for business but technical know-how is paramount for business success.These are what our professional consultants are set to share with you.


  1. Intending Entrepreneurs
  2. Undergraduates
  3. Business Organisations
  4. Non-Governmental Organisations
  5. Government Ministries and Parastaters
  6. Clubs and Associations
  7. Youth association and Organisations


  • Marketing Consulting
  • Corporate Profiling
  • Entrepreneurship Consulting
  • Business Name and Company Incorporation Registration and Management.
  • Training and Continuous mentoring for Entrepreneurs.

Training and Special Seminars for Students,Youth Organization and Company Employees.

We are proud of our wealth of experience over the years in delivering world class services to our clientele.