Nova Finance and Securities Limited (NFSL) is a financial services firm operating in and out of Lagos Nigeria, providing services in Financial Advisory, Investment Management and Share Registration to a diverse base of investors and business owners with strong interest in Nigeria and the broader African economic region. We are registered by the Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission to operate as an Issuing House, Fund Manager, Broker/Dealer, Investment Analysts, Investment Advisers and Portfolio Managers.  We focus on your investment needs by utilizing our unique investment knowledge, professionalism and capabilities as well as our strong passion for service.

Since our launch in May 1993, our goal has been to provide our clients a customized approach to their financial planning needs. We have offices located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port-harcourt, but assist clients all over the country with their investment and financial services needs..

Nova Finance and securities Limited has an established reputation for providing capital market services to business enterprises, government (all tiers) and high net worth individuals of a very high standard in terms of service delivery, professionalism and integrity.

Nova Finance and securities Ltd is prepared to help you every step of the way through your investment planning strategy and servicing your financial planning needs.

Over the years the firm has handled several financial services for companies and individuals.


NFSL – Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you. Your faithful & friendly financial partner.


Our strategy to fund management is to ensure that the contributors to the fund receive best returns comparable with other sources.  To achieve this, funds will be invested in three major areas to guarantee optimum return.  Sizeable proportion will be put in government securities for safety purposes while the remainder will be invested in quoted securities and real estate for maximum return.


Our responsibility in this area is to advise our clients and would be clients on the various investment opportunities and appropriateness of the investment decision being taken.  This we do through careful and thorough analysis of the opportunities both in the money and capital market as well as real estate of the economy.  Our analysts employ both fundamental and technical approaches to arrive at their conclusions.




We buy and sell shares on the instruction of our clients on the floor of the Nigerian Stock exchange.  Our guiding principle here is to buy low and sell higher.  The Nigerian Stock/Capital market has developed to the level where purchases and sales can be made within a week.  This has increased the liquidity and transparency of the market in addition to making the stockbrokers more accountable.


We do not just package but also manage investment portfolios on behalf of our clients.  Our driving principle is to ensure that maximum benefits comparable to other investments accrue to our valued clients through the process of selecting, evaluating and revising the portfolio from time to time, since our existence is necessitated by the need to create and maintain customers. The portfolios are designed to suit the risk-return preferences of our clients.

By your side at every step

Nova Finance Securities Limited (NFSL) clients are of paramount importance, which is why everything we do is always with the goal of improving their overall trading experience. Our dedication to clients stems from our belief in offering a level of personal customer service that is second to none. At Nova Finance Securities Limited (NFSL) customer support team is comprised of industry professionals who are available around the clock 24/7 to help clients with anything they may need from initial registration to the withdrawal of trading profits.


Nova Finance and securities Limited (NFSL) engages in the buying and selling of securities listed on both The Nigerian Stock Exchange and NASD OTC Exchange on behalf of our clients. We trade in both equities and fixed income securities.

We offer two different channels of trading: Direct Market Access and Care Orders.


We provide Direct Market Access to The Nigerian Stock Exchange for our institutional and retail clients through our FIX enabled online trading portal NovaTrader. Clients are able to execute their own orders on The NSE in real time, receive immediate trade notification and market news, view their stock portfolio etc. once they have opened an account with us.


At Nova Finance and securities , we provide best execution services for different categories of clients ranging from retail (individuals, families and small businesses) and institutions (Portfolio/Investment managers, Insurance Company’s etc) both on equity and fixed income securities. Our traders are also available to execute orders for clients that require attention and extra detail. Our feedback and notification systems are all automated so clients get immediate feedback once their orders have been carried out.

We have recognized the fact that people waste wealth due to lack of knowledge.  Therefore, we have placed ourselves at a vantage position to disseminate information both financial and motivational, which we believe will assist people to create and manage their wealth for multiplicity and sustainability.  This we intend to achieve through seminars and publication of newsletter as well as bulletin on periodic basis.

Our Other Services in Summary for want of time and space.

  • Federal Government Savings Bond Direct Agent
  • Nominal Transfer of shares
  • Tracking of Dividend warrant Bonuses, and Share Certificates
  • Reconciliation of Shares Right Issues and Stockbroking account
  • Processing of Estate account of deceased persons
  • Inter-member transfer from both active and inactive stockbroking firms
  • Processing requests for change of name and merging of stockbroking accounts

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First Class Online Access 

We grant all clients online access to their accounts. This keeps our clients informed about transactions that occur on their accounts and ensures complete transparency. You hardly get that anywhere else in our market. At Nova Finance and Securities, we pride ourselves in our ability to serve you with the utmost integrity and transparency.



If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as a Our value services.

Mr. Okon Ukpong is the Managing Director of Nova Finance and Securities Limited. A consummate and seasoned Stockbroker, Mr Okon Ukpong has carved a niche for himself and Nova Finance and Securities Limited , as a known player in the OTC Market.

He is also responsible for product development, formulation of policies and implementation of strategic decisions of the firm.

He has a hands-on experience in developing and implementing financial strategies, controls framework and management systems necessary to support business operations. This is in addition to a track record of identifying financial, operational and compliance related control weaknesses and formulating recommendations to improve the company’s control environment.

At different times, he has handled high value financing deals for a number of top and middle tier companies in the Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Foods and Hospitalities and Financial Services sectors as well as some public sector corporations. He has vast experience in assessing current financial position and requirements of organisations and advising them on beneficial financing package.